6 Marketing Strategies for preschools and high schools

In the last decade, India has witnessed a humongous growth in the education sector. This growth is led by first generation entrepreneurs attracted by the huge opportunity and market size of this sector. The sector has its own characteristics that one must consider while developing a long-term strategy. Before I share the strategies have aContinue reading “6 Marketing Strategies for preschools and high schools”

5 Marketing tactics that preschools and schools can implement

In my last post, I explained what are the criteria and influencing factors for selecting a preschool or school Click here In my this post I will share 5 marketing tactics for preschool and schools to achieve short term goals:

Planning to start or take up franchisee of a preschool or school?

One of my favorite role model El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz aka Malcolm X once quoted “Without education you aren’t going anywhere”. For any nation to progress, the government of that country has to focus on two E’s – Economy and Education. In my post, I will talk about education and the strategies that preschool and higherContinue reading “Planning to start or take up franchisee of a preschool or school?”