Law of Leadership – and

Every marketing professional is fascinated by a marketing guru. In my case, the list is  long but I would name 3 of my most favorite marketing gurus – Philip Kotler, Al Ries and Seth Godin. In this post, I will be focusing on learning from a well-known book “22 Immutable laws of Marketing” by ALContinue reading “Law of Leadership – and”

Through the line (TTL) advertising simplified

In my previous post, I had explained two advertising execution methods i.e Above the line (ATL) and Below the line (BTL) advertising. This post will be the continuation of the earlier one with the focus on Through the line (TTL) advertising. Related : ATL & BTL activation simplified TTL can be defined as the useContinue reading “Through the line (TTL) advertising simplified”

How Lays could have co branded with the movie SHOLAY 3D (the idea that couldn’t reach the cinema hall)

  Every individual working in the advertising domain would like to be remembered for one breakthrough campaign in his/her lifetime. Same was the case with me when I started my career in advertising field after completion of my post graduation. As an amateur  marketing professional  straight out of college, I was bubbling with ideas. IContinue reading “How Lays could have co branded with the movie SHOLAY 3D (the idea that couldn’t reach the cinema hall)”

Above the line and Below the line activations simplified

If you are a marketing professional or a student and you are not well versed with current marketing lingo you might miss on opportunities coming in your direction. Two such terms are Above the line (ATL) & Below the line (BTL). Are you aware of these? I spend a lot of time interacting with marketingContinue reading “Above the line and Below the line activations simplified”

MBA passed out and still struggling for placement?

As students approach their final semester in college or university the question that makes them restless the most is whether they will get placed or not? If this question isn’t answered for them it can do more harm and even result in a depression. If you are a student in your final semester or aContinue reading “MBA passed out and still struggling for placement?”

Can movies be termed as Brands?

  I might fall into a niche category of people who are just not interested in GOT. Now, if you don’t know what GOT stands for you are one of us 🙂 GOT is Game of Thrones. As a marketer, it is of vital importance to know what is the current THING in the market.Continue reading “Can movies be termed as Brands?”

9 best ad campaigns that define Out of Box creativity

It will be an understatement to say that marketing has seen a paradigm shift in last five years. In a recent interview Brian Fetherstonhaugh – Chairman & CEO of Ogilvy One Worldwide shared his thoughts on the paradigm shift in marketing. He stated in his interview that The traditional Marketing Mix i.e 4P’s of MarketingContinue reading “9 best ad campaigns that define Out of Box creativity”

6 Marketing Strategies for preschools and high schools

In the last decade, India has witnessed a humongous growth in the education sector. This growth is led by first generation entrepreneurs attracted by the huge opportunity and market size of this sector. The sector has its own characteristics that one must consider while developing a long-term strategy. Before I share the strategies have aContinue reading “6 Marketing Strategies for preschools and high schools”

5 Marketing tactics that preschools and schools can implement

In my last post, I explained what are the criteria and influencing factors for selecting a preschool or school Click here In my this post I will share 5 marketing tactics for preschool and schools to achieve short term goals:

Liril is back to freshness

Liril, the soap brand from the house of FMCG giant Hindustan Unilever (HUL) made waves 40 years ago when model and Air India hostess Karen Lunel wore a swimsuit and dance under a waterfall with its famous jingle “La-la la la- lala la”. Post the ad two things became iconic, the girl (rather the imageContinue reading “Liril is back to freshness”