Planning to start or take up franchisee of a preschool or school?

One of my favorite role model El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz aka Malcolm X once quoted

“Without education you aren’t going anywhere”.

For any nation to progress, the government of that country has to focus on two E’s – Economy and Education. In my post, I will talk about education and the strategies that preschool and higher schools can implement to reach their goals.

Marketing for Preschool

After spending good amount time into education sector I have come up with some crazy ideas for preschool and schools (few are really crazy ones). If you are planning to start your own preschool or looking for a franchisee you need to keep in mind the below points before starting your own venture.

  1. Pricing
  2. Quality of teaching
  3. Brand recognition
  4. Activity calendar
  5. Communication skills of teachers
  6. Location & transportation
  7. Facilities
  8. Hygiene standards
  9. School policies
  10. Support Staff

Note: These are the factors which I have learned by interacting with parents over the period of time.

In my previous role, I did a study with a sample size of 50 and these are the results.

Criteria for selecting preschool

From these results, it is evident that parents consider the quality of teaching, school brand, pricing and activities as the key parameters before selecting a preschool or high school.

Also, read about Paradigm shift in Marketing – 4P’s out 4E’s in

Now that we know the key parameters while selecting a school, let’s learn about influencing factors that result in conversions i.e admissions.

Influencing fcators while selecting school

As per my study, I witnessed that the most influencing factor while selecting a preschool and school are relatives. Most parents discuss their child’s performance with their relatives and friends which result into the selection of an XYZ school.

In my next post, I will share few tactics and strategies that will help your startup grow.

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