Cadbury Perk and Nestle Munch in race to be the market leader

It is not because of its marketing but because of its confused state. The chocolate industry in India was valued at INR 58bn (USD 966mn) in FY 2014,  and has been growing at a CAGR of 15% over the last three years. Two brands that have given stiff competition to each other to gain maximum market share are Cadbury Perk and  Nestle Munch , both the brands fall in the range of Rs. 5 to Rs 20. Over the years Munch has positioned itself as a lightweight wafer chocolate whereas Perk has positioned itself as chocolate with glucose energy. Recently Munch roped in actor Sushant Singh as its brand ambassador and is currently running a campaign #MUNCHification

On the flip side, Perk has signed actress Alia Bhatt and is currently running a campaign #JiyoLightumLight” 

Earlier Munch had actress Rani Mukherjee as its endorser and Perk had Preity Zinta as its endorser. In early 2000 Perk came out as the clear leader with Preity Zinta as the face of the brand. At present Nestle is aggressively promoting Munch on social media and has a high engagement with its fans on Facebook. The current fan base is around 403,169 . Cadbury has the higher number of Fan base for Perk  that is around 100,5213  but low on engagement with its fans. In the year 2014, Perk tried it hands on Ambush Marketing and took a dig at Munch calling it as a paper weight. Munch was quick to reply back with a witty answer. It became a trending topic on social media where Munch gained more awareness.


Ambush Marketing Perk vs Munch ambush marketing   Munch vs Perk ambush marketing 1

In marketing, it is good to witness another Coke and Pepsi branding but this time, the brands are fighting for chocolate.


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